This site originated in April 2020 as an online portfolio to document my journey through the exciting world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). I began this journey in January, when I enrolled in the UC Davis GIS Specialisation on Coursera. I am now embarking on the final class in the course – an independent geospatial analysis project. This site will document my work on that project, as I post blog updates along the way.

I hope you will enjoy following my progress towards completion of the project. In the meantime, explore some of the projects that I have worked on in the last few months. Some of these were requirements for earlier courses in the specialization, and some were simply me exploring and learning the software.

March 2021 Update: the Coursera specialisation is complete, NASA’s Perseverance rover has successfully landed in Jezero Crater (not Eberswalde!), and I am almost two thirds of the way through the GIS/Earth Observation MSc at the University of Edinburgh. Use the links above to read all about my Coursera final project as well as some of the work that I have been doing as part of the MSc over the past several months.

August 2021 Update: the MSc coursework is complete and the dissertation is submitted. I will be adding to the dissertation page on here in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can see the short webpage summary that was required here. Now to find a job!

August 2022 Update: I have a job! 😳😃 After working as a Postdoc at Edinburgh with my MSc dissertation supervisor on a related spaceborne lidar project for six months, in April 2022 I joined 2Excel Geo as a Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analyst. You can read about some of the early work that I did, building on my web mapping experience at Edinburgh here. I am updating this page from Florence, Italy (it’s a hard life) where I have been attending my first in-person FOSS4G conference. I am primarily here to learn more about GeoServer, a piece of open source geospatial technology that I intend to use in my next, significantly more complex, web mapping project for 2Excel and to which I just made my first contribution at the post-conference community code sprint!