Mars Top Ten!

The one where I reveal the results ….

Every blog needs a ‘Top 10’ post at some point right? Well this is mine. Let me introduce my ‘Top 10 Places to go on Mars if You’re a Rover’!

  • Eberswalde Crater
  • Gale Crater
  • Gale SE
  • Milna Crater
  • Robert Sharp Crater
  • Holden Crater
  • Ismenius Cavus
  • Subur Vallis
  • Subur Vallis Crater SE
  • Hellas NE 1
  • Lederberg Crater SW
  • Sibut Crater SE

In the last blog post I had all my planet-wide rasters created, and discussed the ‘mask’ that I made to restrict my analysis only to appropriate parts of the planet. Now the rasters have been reclassified, the suitability analysis conducted, and the results interpreted. If you want to know more about the process (or why my top ten list has 12 entries!) head on over to the Current Projects section of the site to read all about it and see some pretty sweet looking maps – I recommend the Swiss hillshade personally.

I’ll give you a teaser here:

In other exciting news, I have accepted an offer from the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences to start their MSc in Geographical Information Science this September! In the meantime, look out for an announcement here soon about my next exciting GIS project!

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