Percy’s on Mars!

The one where I finally get back to posting content ….

Despite going to the wrong place (see here and here!) NASA’s Perseverance rover safely landed in Jezero Crater last month, and the images and video(!) coming back are incredible. If you missed the finale of the Mars landing site analysis project last summer you can read all about it here. However, exciting as that is, this blog post is about something else.

Since last September I have been studying on the MSc programme in GIS and Earth Observation at the University of Edinburgh. It’s certainly been keeping me busy, hence the lack of updates here, but I have learned an incredible amount too, despite the ongoing challenges posed by Coronavirus restrictions. As I near the end of the instructional phase of the course and begin work on my dissertation, I thought this would be a good time to update the site with some of the work that I have done. The Past Projects section of the site contains two new entries, one on a big spatial analysis and web mapping group project from Semester One, and the other a database methods group project from earlier this semester for which we built a version of the game Battleships! Considering that 15 months ago I had never written a line of code in my life, the web map component of the first project is a piece of work that I am particularly proud of.

I also have a new section of the site dedicated to the dissertation research that I will be conducting between now and August. The project will be working with data from NASA’s Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI, pronounced ‘Jedi’) lidar instrument on the International Space Station. I will be working on methods to improve the accuracy of the algorithm that estimates ground elevation from the waveforms that are generated by the instrument. That section of the site is still under construction and I hope to post some further updates over the coming weeks and months.

Finally, at some point I would like to move this blog to my site on PythonAnywhere. Building on two Coursera specialisations that I completed last summer, in web design and web applications, I built a SQLite database-backed blog using the Django framework. At this point it is more a demonstration piece, but with a little more work it should be a fully-fledged and operational blog.

I also hope to use my newfound web mapping skills, in combination with Django, to launch my latest project – MapMyCV! Stay tuned for further details …

No visuals in this post so I’ll include a link here to this piece of satellite imagery from the greenspace project simply because I like looking at it!

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